Request for a moddified version of Intel MSM RAID ROM v8.9.1.1002

Hi guys,

I got an ASUS Rampage II Extreme with BIOS version 2101.
I already replaced the supplied Intel RAID ROM (Version 8.0.0) with the 8.9.1 version using the MMTool 3.26.
I also replaced the JMB363 RAID Rom with the version.
Both worked like a charm -> HDDs/SSDs are recognized in Windows when using RAID Mode in the BIOS setting AND the Intel MSM boot prompt (CTRL+I Screen) is shown while booting.

In the modding results thread I’ve seen that 2 guys had success with using the rom version
However if I try to replace the Intel RAID Rom with version (modded or vanilla makes no difference) the rom is loaded (-> HDDs/SSDs are recognized in Windows when using RAID Mode in the BIOS setting) BUT the boot prompt doesn’t show up.
As mentioned, this happens with both the unmodded and the modded version of that rom.
I’ve powered down the System and cleared the CMOS but that didn’t help.
Because I need the boot prompt to show up, I would really appreciate if someone is able to mod the Intel MSM RAID ROM v8.9.1.1002 found in this thread with trim support.

@ PrinzVonBillAir:
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Attached is the requested TRIM in RAID0 modded Intel MSM RAID ROM v8.9.1.1002.
Good luck!

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Intel-MSM_RAID-ROM_v8.9.1.1002_TRIM-mod-acc-CPL0.rar (45 KB)

Thanks Dieter, works great :slight_smile:
Tested with 2x Intel SSD 520 240 GB Drives in RAID 0.