Request for csmvideo module


I read that upgrading csmvideo module solves uefi resolution issues. Can’t find them anywhere though. Any links anyone?


If "csmvideo" should mean "GopDriver", you should be able to find what you are searching for.
Whithout knowing the specification of your video card resp. the on-board video adapter it is not easy to help you.
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Please post the extracted csmvideo module and we can tell you if it’s the legacy VBIOS or a GopDriver.
I think it’s the legacy VBIOS needed for legacy BIOS boot (like Windows XP/Vista and other non-UEFI compatible systems).

In case it really is the VBIOS, it won’t fix any UEFI related issue.

Actually I found a newer csmvideo module in an Ozmosis hackintosh rom and inserted it in my Z87x ud5h rig and may have solved a problem I had booting ozmosis, but I’m still trying to figure out how to get my P8z68 deluxe to boot in pure efi mode. Not sure if swapping csmvideo would do anything. Thanks.