[Request]for help flashing new BIOS

Hello everyone, it’s my first thread so i hope i don’t do anything wrongly.
My problem:
I have a lenovo x390 yoga on which i flashed a wrong bios, through a Windows mandatory update. Unfornately i’m not sure cause there were many other updates pending but i’m pretty confident it flashed bios version 1.0 (Cause the update was called lenovo firmware 1.0) on a machine with at least versione 1.60. At first boot up after the flash in fact it got bricked, without any way to recovering it (neither discharging CMOS nor disconnecting battery and so on).
The only thing it does is turning on power end Fn led when i try to turn it on, fans spins then after 2/ mins it turns off. No LCD, neither backlit. So, if you think it’s not the bios tell it to me, but i will assume it’s a bricked bios.

My solution:(where any of you get in)
I will try to flash a clean bios on the ROM through (i think) a C4hSpi flasher buying anything is needed assuming that:
- i would like not to desolder the Chip from the board, neither me nor any other techinician cause i’m not comfortable with it and i would prefer to go for it only if it would be the last chance. I know the problem with avoiding soldering is that it could need too power to work, but i think that being a laptop motherboard it shouldn’t be that hard powering it up. In addition, if the power is needed i can even overspend on the flasher to assure it will take the right power to work
-by this moment i don’t have with me the laptop because I tried lenovo assistance without a solution so they are shipping it back to me.
After this i will Buy what you think is need and start working on the flashing side

Until then: i don’t have any experience with bios modding, but i found some bioses from lenovo support site, the two attached exes. If your un them and select extract only option it will create a directory in wich you can find 2 .fl1 file (per exe). Opening the under Uefi tools get you something but it’s too confused for me. I would like to what to do with these Fl1 files (even combined with what i will read from the Chip) to at least turn it on and thene do a normal Bios installation.

I’m sorry for my bad english (i’m from Italy) and for being so verbose, but i wanted to explain it all.
Thanks to anyone can give some effort
Edit : the files are downloadable from lenovo pc support, unfortunately i cannot upload them nor post a link to them

While upping, i post the 2 Bios i have extracted using the CH341a from the broken motherboard and a new one, i think it should be enough to replace the Bios region on the broken one with the Bios Region on the New one, but i’m not sure of how
Unfortunately i can only attach 6 MB rars, and the Bios are 32 MB both, so it will be splitted

PinzaCH4.part01.rar (6 MB)

PinzaCH4.part02.rar (6 MB)

PinzaCH4.part03.rar (6 MB)

PinzaCH4.part04.rar (6 MB)

PinzaCH4.part05.rar (4.13 MB)