Request for Intel RST RAID ROM for Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3LR (Rev. 1.0)

Hi people,

I have been trying to set up a Raid1 Mirror for 2 x 4TB drives using the Intel Rapid Recovery program in Windows 7 64 Ultimate.
I have installed the last version of Intel’s software that supports my old ICH10R chipset ( The program installed & runs fine and sees all my attached drives under the manage tab.
The issue is I cannot create an array with these drives as they don’t show up in the list of drives available.
My understanding is that I require a Intel Rapid Storage Technology Option ROM for my Motherboard. My MB just runs the last release bios (F10)from Gigabyte.
When the PC boots the the 4TB drives are shown smaller as approx 1.62TB which I think must be the root of the problem.
I have been looking on the net for such a ROM but haven’t located anything and lack the skills to make my own unfortunately.

If anyone knows of a way I could get hold of one or if it sounds like I’m incorrect in my assumption that the ROM to work with the Intel software is what i need please advise.
I would be greatly appreciative as I can’t afford to replace my MB & CPU at this time and do not wish to run the Windows software Raid if possible.

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@ rggeorge:
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Only newer Intel RST RAID ROM modules from v10.5.x.xxxx up are able to detect >2 TB sized RAID volumes.
So if you want to solve your problem, you have to flash a BIOS, which contains an appropriate Intel RAID ROM version (I recommend the v11.2.0.1527).
If Gigabyte doesn’t offer such BIOS, you have to search for an already modified BIOS for the GA-EP45T-UD3LR or to do the modification yourself. You can find the related guides within >this< Forum section.

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Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thanks For the info. I had a hunt online beforehand but it seems my motherboard passed completely beneath the radar and Gigabyte supported it for only several years. I only found people asking about a Raid BIOS flash on the quite similar EP45-UD3LR. My understanding is the BIOS drivers are different as the models differ in the RAM type (DDR2 & DDR3) only so I haven’t tried to use a modified one of those as don’t expect it to work and be that easy.
I will check the version of Intel RST RAID ROM I have to confirm it’s older than the version you wrote in bold.
Is their any BIOS settings or other possibilities that can interfere with reporting >2 TB volumes during BOOT in RAID mode?
I only wish it was something else I have so far missed, had no idea the motherboard way of RAID could be so stressful and time consuming to try and sort compared with Windows or cheap PCI-E RAID used previously.

The BIOS Option ROM modules may be the same for different mainboard models, but the system BIOS modules are different. That is why you should not flash a BIOS file, which has been designed for another mainboard model. Otherwise you may brick your board.

No, it is just the Intel RAID ROM module version, which is responsable for the detection of >2 TB sized RAID volumes.
By the way: Your existing RAID array and its data will not be affected by updating the Intel RAID ROM version.

Looks like your right on all counts master guru Ferrnado, when the BIOS RAID starts up it says the version fairly quick but I think it says v8.00.1039.