[Request] for Modded Bios for ZenBook Pro Duo UX571G

Hello guys, my 2019 ZenBook Pro Duo UX581G hits 103C when I render videos. I was wondering if anyone can make a modded BIOS for this, I am running Bios v305 and while that version allows me to use ThrottleStop, I would much prefer to set the undervolt in the BIOS. Please let me know what I need to do to facilitate the creation of this modded BIOS request. Can pay via Paypal if necessary.

Anyone please? This is the bios loaded on my laptop from Asus’s website: UX581GVAS305.zip

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Use IFR extractor to locate the “Overclocking Lock” setting and set it using grubmodsetupvar. You can find lots of guides on how to do this

Thank you for your reply! How about the setting that can allow me to set custom fan curves? Is there such a thing?