Request for Modded RSTe Console v.


I have an Asus Sabertooth X79 motherboard. I have installed a modified bios with the OROM and have successfully installed the drivers and have trim running on my Raid0 configuration. I would like to install the RSTe console but get the message that it is not for this platform and it will not install. I have searched you sight and found modified drivers but not the modified console software. Is it possible to even install the RSTe on my modified platforrm?

Edit: I was able to get the RSTe console to install by opening the installer and extraction the X64.msi file and installing however, it does not see my raid 0 drive.

Hello LanceMoreland,

at first I want to welcome you at my Forum.
Now to your request: Unfortunately Intel has changed the installer if their RST(e) Drivers and Software Sets since v12.x.x.xxxx, which makes it impossible for me to extract them and to modify the drivers.
The latest Intel RST(e) Drivers and Software Set, where I have modified the INF files of the drivers to make them usable for other chipsets like X79, is v11.7.4.1001 (look >here<).

The installation of the RST Console software is very important for RAID users, because this way the user can enable the write back caching feature, but for this action only a temporarily installation is needed.
If you should not use the RST Console for other things, you may try the following:
1. Install the modded RST(e) Drivers & Software Set v11.7.0.1001. If this should not be possible, install the original Intel RSTe Set v3.7.0.1092.
2. Run the Console software and enable “write-back caching”.
3. Unistall the RST resp. RSTe Console software from within the Control Panel.
4. Run the Device Manager and do a manual driver update of your “Intel(R) C600 Chipset Series SATA RAID Controller” by navigating to the modded Intel RST(e) drivers v12.6.0.1033. You have to force the installation by using the “Have Disk” button.