Request for software suggestions for EFI bios variable editing

Hey everybody,

I’ve got a really locked down bios (bios guard, boot guard) that I’m looking to change some of the hidden settings on from the efi shell. What would be the best software for manually searching for and editing offsets in the setup vars? I’ve been trying to use ru.efi but I’m a little out of my depth in it and it doesnt seem to have the ability to search for offsets. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Ru.efi is best :smiley:
.,.,visual control is possible "more safe work"

UEFI-tool + IFR extractor for OFFSET MAP
or GRUB for change setup_var ,.but bad typo is dead system ! “efi shell only”

/setup_var change
RU.efi / GRUB

/offset map
UEFI tool + IFR extractor // UBU contains all this :stuck_out_tongue:

and there are some modules for PIP, but I haven’t tested it yet.
,.also some bios has hidden combo key “for unlock ADMIN access”
good luck