[Request] GA-F2A88XM-D3HP (rev. 1.0) with NVMe/Bifurcation Support

I Found a trash PC, It has a GA-F2A88XM-D3HP (rev. 1.0) MB, Athlon x4 880k CPU, Visiontek Readeon HD 7850 2GB. 120gb ssd no Ram, For fun I would like to boot from a 4 slot NVME card.

Thank you
Bios file Attached

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mb_bios_ga-f2a88xm-d3hp_f2.zip (4.13 MB)

What options do see on the IOMMU when set to Enable, under the Peripherals tab?

Never saw it done on AMD FCH generation chipset, just one NVMe will be available.
Two options: Multiple PCIe/Single M.2 adaptors or add-in card controller with BIF support on it.
Still…that’s a nice FM2+ “Junk” board.
You should wait for other users opinion, good luck.

Thank you, I love finding “Junk”

IOMMU settings – Enable or Disable

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