[REQUEST] Getting started

I have been reading for days but i’m still a little fuzzy on what the next step is.

Laptop: Acer SFX14-41G (AMD 5800U)
Bios: InsydeH20 5.0
Goal: unlock hidden menus for AMD to increase infinity fabric and improve memory timing.

I downloaded the bios update .exe from acer’s website and extracted an abobios.bin out of it. Loading the .bin into UEFI tools shows a lot of entries that look like hidden menus. For example “AMDCPM…”. So i think I’m in the right place.

Can I modify this .bin (or get help modifying) and re flash it using the tools i extracted from the .exe (H20FFT-x64.exe) or do i need to get a CH341A and dump/flash the bios manually?

I’m happy to learn to modify the bios myself but I cant find any specific examples of what to look for and what to change. Does a guide exist for insyde?
EDIT: I found this: www(dot)win-raid(dot)com/t4529f16-Acer-V-G-How-to-unlock-this-BIOS-Advanced-settings-menu-version.html I will read through it.

Here is the .bin if anybody is interested. Thanks for reading,