[Request] Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED XC-8UK5450SP - BIOS Unlock


Just got this amazing laptop but want to unlock for thermal/fan control.
Please can someone advise on the procedure for unlocking and and if possible provide a patched BIOS? Original BIOS is FB03.
The laptop I have is -

Aero15 OLED XC
10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10870H (2.2GHz~5.0GHz)
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070 Laptop GPU 8GB GDDR6

Thanks so much!

Hi friend,
upi have to get your Eeprom unlocked bios backup before all and then yes there is a Patch for your bios …
use this tool run it as Admin and upload the result file :


I will reply quickly, as i have to find the NVRAM variables to modify to get unlocked eeprom.
let me know

Thanks pal. I will be a while doing this as I dont have access to the laptop right now, having some unrelated issued with it and it may need to go back for replacement :frowning:
OK to msg you when I’m ready?

Ok friend i will wait your reply thanks !

Hi there! I also have the Aero 15 XC with FB03 Bios.

I Would like to unlock my bios and i have run the tool which you have asked and provided the link below (i am unable to post an actual url because i am new to the forum, i hope you understand). I would much appreciate it if you could help me unlock my bios.

sendspace dot com file: 9ur7y5

Thanks in advance

Hi friend, reupload this result file on mediafire.com server please …

Hi there, will google drive do?

drive dot google dot com/file/d/1dRkn8T3MUgppJ2jIm-5Zldslpyx_qqot/view?usp=sharing

Hi can you assist me also with unlocking the bios for 15P YD rtx 3080
I would greatly appreciate some help in unlocking the BIOS. FB03
FPRR VarOffset - 0x6DD = was already 00
BIOS Lock VarOffset - 0x17= was already set to 00

biosreg.rar (4.48 MB)


Yes friend, right :wink: here you go :


Let me know


Hi friend, you have to unlock the Eeprom Write NVRAM Variables :

BIOS Lock VarOffset - 0x17
FPRR VarOffset - 0x6DD

So use the RU shell to make it, follow thw e tutorials and guides here :

[Request] Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED BIOS unlocked (39)

After unlocked them run the Write.bat program by double click on it :


Let me know

Error 167: Protected Range Registers are currently set by BIOS, preventing flash access.
Please contact the target system BIOS vendor for an option to disable
Protected Range Registers.[/img]

screenshot.rar (5.8 KB)

Hi friend, use this tool run it as Admin and upload the result file to check the NVRAM variables :


May be that you see you modified it , but the Bios Lock didn’t change yet … the Bios Backup (biosreg.bin) you uploaded show this :


So i will check it again …

Let me know

I am not sure as both places shows a value of 00 already, but i appreciate your help.

results20.rar (4.85 MB)

i have attached the requested file for you in the above post

Any advise if the values are already showing 0x00