[REQUEST] GigaByte Aorus 17 XE4 bios mod/unlock


Bios MOD needed for Aorus 17 XE4, current bios FB08. i7-12700H. Aptio - AMI.

New notebook, no OS were installed. I need this mod to be able to boot CSM/Legacy.

Reward 500 usd for step by step instruction on how to mod the bios.


Hey there. Im looking for help with Modding/unlocking the Aorus 17 XE4 bios so im able to access the undervolting capabilities. To push lower temps and good performance. If anybody was able to help or give me some insite to if it was possible or has been done. Or get it done. Cheers Guys :beers:

Hello there I would like to ask you some help with the bios modding of an Aorus 17 XE 4.
I can’t find a guide for this specific laptop and I don’t remember very well the process.
I hope you will help me and I thank you in advance!

I think first you need spi spi programmer & wson8 clip to read bios

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Hello Mr! Thanks for replying!
May I ask you to guide me step by step or to link me a guide for a similar laptop? I remember you had to make a pen drive with Rufus, but I don’t really remember how…
Thanks again :innocent:

This model of laptops now can’t unlock rufus. I have the same problem with i9 13980.

I add new post late with my dump. Maybe some help

RUFUS is a bootloader…you may be mixing it with RU.EFI
If this is AMI Aptio V Core bios, the following tool can be tried out.

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