[REQUEST] Gigabyte B365M-D3H Unlock Power Limits

Dear wonderful people,

I have been trying to unlock the power limit on this Gigabyte motherboard.
Using AmiSetupWriter, I have enabled PL1 and PL2 overrides, and set the PL1 and PL2 values to 0xFF.
Unfortunately, none of this has any effect. I still have to set the limits manually in ThrottleStop.

Ideally, I want the BIOS settings unlock. So unlocked Power Limits PL1 and PL2 settings.
Any other unlocked settings are always welcome.
At minimum I hope I can just force the power limits to be off or to set to 4096 or another high value.
Because currently it takes the CPU TDP limit, which is holding my i5 8400 back a lot.

@dimensiond300 Did you manage to turn off the PL1/PL2 limit?