Request Gigabyte Designware Z390 Spread spectrum / HPET option

I a new one on this forum , hope I can ask here ?

I see that my BCLK is never stable on CPUz , after some research I conclude that the spread spectrum is the cuript ? For now i use 100.01 value , to get close on the flat 100
On my old X58 asus I disabled all spread spectrum and it revove a " noise " I have in my studio too !
I use my computer for audio and search the maximum stability and lower the DPC latency to have a smooth machine
HPET is often enabled on intel Chipset but I want to try with / without
On windows I try to force HPET with a command prompt and remove . I see a difference in DPC spike , so I think have this function in bios will be nice for audio user too