[Request]GIGABYTE G5 i5-10500H RTX3060 BIOS Mod

Hey Guys, I want to Undervolt my laptop CPU, however the CPU voltage is locked in Throttlestop. I guess this needs to be unlocked in BIOS. Can anyone help me with that?

[Request] Gigabyte G5 KC Bios Unlock/ Mod Post #69

Hey @Sweet_Kitten , i have applied the mod done by BDMaster and I also enabled Show CPU Voltage in my BIOS, however the CPU Voltage options are still disabled in Throttlestop. Can you help me?

This is not what you need to do. Please, enable Overclocking Feature In Advanced > Overclocking Performance Menu. That’s what one of the users did to activate Throttlestop.

That worked, thank you so much!