[Request] Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H rev2 BIOS with NVMe support

I wan booting PC from SSD in PCIex8 but BIOS setup not support UEFI… need upgrade BIOS but don´t know do it. i have the lasted BIOS version FF. Need so help.

@Monotallo :
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It is impossible to give your mainboard full NVMe support by a BIOS modification, because this is only possible with an AMI Aptio UEFI BIOS (look >here<). Only the Company Gigabyte would be able to help you by building an UEFI BIOS for your mainboard.
Nevertheless you can find >here< and >here< different methods to use an NVMe SSD as system drive, but you will not be able to boot off it (unless you have a Samsung 950 PRO SSD).
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Dieter (alias Fernando)

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I am a new forum user.
For this motherboard model. the only NVMe SSD M2 capable of booting Windows 10 system is the Samsung you mention?.
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Yes, if you have a GA-890GPA-UD3H mainboard and want to boot off an NVMe SSD without the need to modify the BIOS (look >here<), you may have to use a Samsung 950 Pro SSD.
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Dieter (alias Fernando)

Ok. Thanks.
Gracias, tocayo

Hello Fernando, good morning.
One question, I’ve been looking for a Samsung 950 pro and it seems to be discontinued and I can’t find it for sale.
could another samsung nvme ssd from the pro family do, like the 980 or 990?
I can find these, also the ones from the evo series.
or they no longer have the internal oprom to communicate with the BIOS and for it to recognize it.
Thanks in advance.

No, according to my knowledge the only NVMe SSD, which is bootable in LEGACY mode, is the Samsung 950 Pro.
If you want to boot off another NVMe SSD model, you may have to modify the mainboard BIOS by inserting a customized NVMe Option ROM. For details look >here<.

Ok thanks