[Request] GigaByte GA-970A-D3(rev.3.0) with NVME support

Hi, guys, i’m using gigabyte GA-970a-D3 MB with AMD 965 CPU, just bought a M.2 NVME storage Samsung PM981 256G with PCIEx4 adapter.
But my MB is old enough to use NVME technology, can you help with the BIOS modding? NVME support and other new components update.

Official BIOS download link https://download.gigabyte.com/FileList/BIOS/mb_bios_ga-970a-d3_v.3.x_fei.zip

BIOS file is here

970AD33.zip (2.72 MB)

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I’ve follow the guides in forum,thank you guys.
now i have the first ROM done. GA-970A-D3(rev 3.0) with NVME small DxE only.
and now i wonder,is it nessasery to update the Network adapter ROM and CPU mCode in the BIOS?

970ad33NVME.zip (2.74 MB)


All optional, nothing to do with NVMe solution presented/asked for ur motherboard.
Depends on the ideia/perspective of the actual stability of ur system, so its not mandatory operations.