[Request] Gigabyte h110m s2h bios f20 disable spread spectrum


Please help with disabling spread spectrum.

Bios: https://mega.nz/#!vEdTWA5A!X2qWkZP1WJbMR…RyXZq3NQRxw_lao

Thanks in advance!

Still looking for someone to help!


Sorry I’ve missed your thread until now @GreenAnt
Is the above linked BIOS edited, or stock? I can’t download from that site, so if it’s stock I will grab from Gigabyte, but if you already edited it and wanted me to do more edit on your edited BIOS, please reupload to tinyupload.com or uploadfiles.io

Also, if you do want me to edit stock BIOS, are you sure F20, not F25 (latest)?

* Edit - I checked, and the only Spread Spectrum in this BIOS is >> PCIe Spread Spectrum Clocking << And it’s disabled by default

Really sorry for late response.
Yes I want f20 because f25 was unstable. And I checked in the Strings tab on that bios and it was a setting named spread spectrum control and max spread. I don’t know if they can be edited but if they can it would be great. And yes bios is stock.

Those are only in there from the base BIOS used to create your BIOS, text string only, there is no settings/controls to place them back into this BIOS.

Well thanks for responding and I always learn something new.

You’re welcome, sorry there isn’t anything we can do on this