[REQUEST]Gigabyte H310M H2-Unlocked hidden options

Recently I’ve tried modding on my own,as expected I am not so good at it.
Can anyone mod this particular BIOS to have as much as options not hidden?

Thanks everyone who stopped by the post!

@RealMatekoo - Use F12, screenshot ALL BIOS pages to USB, make sure to get the root of all sections top to bottom, and then all submenus inside top to bottom, ALL Settings
Then put in max compressed zip and upload for me, then I can make the missing stuff visible for you

Sent You all the pictures in private message.

@RealMatekoo - Quick test, please flash all three of these, and let me know if you see Bclk Output Source @ Advanced Freq page with both BIOS, and which you do not see it

1. Set46E5DO.F2
2. Set46AMITSD.F2
3. Set46E5DAMITSD.F2


Qh Im sorry aim on a trip now and will be for couple of days I can test it when I get home but thanks for your work.

@RealMatekoo - OK, whenever you get back home, test and post back. This just quick test set with that single settings change, so I can see easiest (quickest) way to enable certain things, or if I have to do it all via individual hex edit

Hello I’m back home but I have trouble flashing it is there any guide or is it the same as default bios?

@RealMatekoo - Sorry, I didn’t consider, you may need to rename BIOS to original name, but usually you do not for Gigabyte.
Flash these via Qflash, put BIOS files on USB and then from BIOS hit F8 and browse to USB and pick BIOS then flash. If it says no, try renaming one back to stock BIOS name and try again (keep in folder with original name I used, so you know it’s original name)
But, if you did not try flashing by Qflash already, then you probably don’t need to rename, just flash by Qflash instead of however you were trying above (@BIOS, if that, don’t use that, it can brick BIOS too easily even with stock BIOS, flash by Qflash always)

Set46E5DO-BLCK output source there.Almost nothing new.
Set46E5DAMITSD-BLCK output source there.Almost nothing new.
Set46AMITSDO-BLCK output source there.Almost nothing new.
By nothing new I mean the only new setting was BLCK output source.I heard people talk about power down settings for ram and all that kinds of stuff.

@RealMatekoo - Sorry for the delay, I just found this thread again!
ONLY a single setting was changed in that BIOS, as mentioned at post #4, thanks for your testing report
Now, I can unlock rest of BIOS for you - Please wait, I will do now

* Edit - Sorry, I forgot to ask! Was the setting selectable, or grayed out?