[Request] Gigabyte X79-UP4 Rev 1.1 with NVMe Support

Greetings from a noob…

i am looking since a few weeks for a working NVMe BIOS for my Gigabyte X79-UP4 Rev 1.1 Bios F7. Didnt found the one i need. My prob is that my new NVMe drive, a Crucial P5 with adapter, always hang up on windows boot. I´ve tried a different adapter but the outcome is the same. Pcie x16 3.0 is enabled (see picture).

You guys are my last hope. I have no clue how to mod a BIOS and hope you can offer help.

Thanks in advance





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Did u nade urself the mod or u flashed a mod from another source?
Wot these pictures for? NVMe doesnt care with these…ur PCIe/NVMe will only negociate @ 2.0 x4 max.
If source is not urs, make urself the mod according Fernando’s guide.
[HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

EDIT: Still u didn’t answered the questions…but i presume the mod was not made by u correct? Do a new mod, its so easy, just pay attention to the guide.

Thanks for ya reply. To be honest i dont have a clue how to mod. And even with that howto i am uneasy. Thats the reason i asked for help. So maybe someone here can offer help.

What rev. is your motherboard? 1.0 or 1.1?

If you are unsure it will be located on the motherboard - on the bottom right corner (pcie slots) by the "Designed in "Taipei".

Edit: nevermind. I re-read your first post and saw you listed it already. My apologies.

I have the modded bios if you want it?