[REQUEST] Gigabyte z390 Aorus Ultra

I notice since 2019 theres BIOS support for 128gb RAM.

I have any issue where if I place 2x32GB on RAM in dual channel, the system goes on an endless reboot loop with error codes, in this order, CC C2 C5 4C, and then it’ll reboot and follow the cycle.

The only way to boot the system is if I use DIMM slots 1-2 (single channel)

I would like to occupy all 4 slots as I have 128GB, however cant even get dual channel with 64.

The RAM all comes in a kit. The modules are G.Skill F4-3200C16D-64GTZR

Ive also enabled Fast Boot on the Memory Settings to skip the checks, however no dice.

If this is because of vendor incompatibility? And is potentially BIOS moddable? I’d be keen to test.

Thanks guys.

Hi friend,
run this tool as Admin and upload the result file :


Please make the Bios Menu Tabs photos to permit me to see your bios, so upload them here.
I will give a look to unlock your bios …
let me know