[Request] Gigabyte Z690M Aorus Elite AX DDR4: AVX512

Hello is it Possible to add AVX512 Support to the Bios. Thank you

yes possible

Yeah keep Up the 1 Yeah Reply :slight_smile:


thx but i could not test it any more changed to a 14500.

But maybe someone could enable all the hidden Funktions in the Bios like AVX512 or disable WIFI.

There is a Disable LAN but NO Disable WIFI.

avx512 only available for early alder lake, and with old version of microcode(cpu90672 0x16), with e-core all disabled.
this bios mod regradless of avx2/avx512 option in bios, it will force avx2 and avx512(if available) enable.
Z690MAELITEAXDDR4.F28.zip (8.6 MB)
credit: Intel AlderLake/Rocketlake AVX-512 Enable/Disable

Thanks for the Bios.

But i Upgrade from a 12400 to a 14500 so i lost the avx 512 but got 8 more cores.