[REQUEST] GIGABYTE Z77MX-D3H-TH Bios with NVMe support

Helo friends,

Im have problem with bios GIGABYTE Z77MXD3HTH (Z77MX D3H TH) Mother board not recognise PCIe nvme m.2 ssd for boot.

I had a hard time finding this place. For me, modifying the BIOS is a very difficult task.
Is there any pioneer who can modify it to recognize NVME?
The last version currently released is Z77MXD3HTH.F7e.

I eagerly look forward to it.


I solved this problem myself!


Z77MXD3HTH_NVME_v1.F7e.zip (3.6 MB)

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Thats what the guide is for, thank you for the success report, enjoy it.

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Thank you so much!