[Request] GMK Nucbox BIOS update TXE

- update TXE region;
- update cpu microcodes;
- update existing drivers;
- add nvme support.
- lock unused BIOS menus.

I have a problem with updating TXE region that I still can’t solve. I do all steps with help of post D4. CSME 11 - 15 & CSTXE 3 - 4 of Guide-How To:Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization.
But after adding new TXE region, FIT gives me error:

error 23: [ifwi actions] detected overflow in boot partition one.

I guess it’s because of new region is larger, then old one (1472KB vs 1444KB). Can somebody explain how to make it work correct?

GMK_Nucbox_BIOS.zip (4.52 MB)