[Request] GPD Pocket 1 - Unlock settings in the latest bios

The GPD Pocket 1 is a Cherry Trail based laptop.

The last bios is locked down and only time and boot order settings are available. Unlike the previous bios, which has lots of unlocked settings.

I would be fine with the locked bios if it wasn’t for some of the settings that reduces the performance. For example it clocks down the ram from 1600MHz to 1333MHz and it clocks down the SDIO interface to the wifi card from 50MHz (200mbit bandwidth) to 25MHz (100mbit bandwidth).
This translates to measurable performance loss in benchmarks.

Why not run previous bios? The old unlocked bios requires anywhere between 10-17% of battery before allowing you to boot, this is fixed in the latest bios. Since this machine drains the battery quickly in standby, not being able to boot at low battery is very annoying.

I would greatly appreciate if somebody could take a look.

The last but locked bios
"GPD Pocket BIOS 20170807"

The latest unlocked bios
"Pocket BIOS for Ubuntu 20170628"

The bios links are the official ones, gpd uses mega for hosting.