request : gtx780 uefi/gop vbios

hi there,
sorry if its in the wrong section or was posted/requested before ( i do a search already… ).

im looking for a UEFI/GOP enabled vbios for one of my vid-cards : zotac gtx780 ( FE ) / gainward gtx780 ( FE ).

gpu-z is proving right that they are able to use the UEFI mode, but they doesnt…i used the GOPupdate tool already, but there is no change.

background : i want to use one of the card in my cMP 5,1 due to the lack of no bootscreen, i cant swap between the macOS and windows partition without adding the original gfx card ( an old gt120/gf9500 card ). the official hack to get a bootselector is by installing the so called "OpenCore" bootloader.
its fine when i have installed a UEFI/GOP card, but its really only function when i hook up on the gt120 card ( which is in a native GOP mode ).

thanks in advance…