[request help] 2500k OC on ASUS p8p67 m

first one i guess,since second one is for x79,and this is a p67 board.i can dump and upload whatever you want,just tell me with what tool should i do it.

Sorry about that, I was reading another thread and sleeping at the wheel I assume second one then, first one is without TRIM mod done, you want TRIM correct?
Check in device manager, what is your storage controller DEV ID?

you mean device driver - ide ata/atapi controllers - intel desktop/workstation/server express chipset sata ahci controller - right click - properties - details tab - hardware ids submenu?

Yes, that’s it exactly, show me image of that or select all then copy/paste text here.

here it is:

Thanks, maybe none of those I mentioned with TRIM work on your chipset? I’ll have to look it all over again for DEV_1C02 + TRIM

trim is working fine on ahci mode,i don’t have second ssd to test raid.i’m looking in modding mostly for ME because i’m planning on getting delidded 3770k because i want to keep this as main pc gaming box and possibly upgrade gpu in the future so to be sure it will work on this board and to report here so maybe someone with same/similar board won’t go through same troubles as me,he can find fully upgraded ROM ready to flash and relieve him of all trouble. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is now, but maybe not with one of those new oroms and RAID, that’s why there is regular there and TRIM modified. But, if you never use RAID then any will be OK. So no RAID ever?