Request help for acer AMI APTIO V bios mod

I accidentally corrupted my original AMI bios file without backup and lucky enough the seller for my motherboard provided me another set of bios files, which i can use for booting up successfully, but unable to get my ethernet LAN to function, apparently there are two different LAN chipset used for the same motherboard, and the seller only has the I219 on hand, not the I211 which I have. I am hoping to find guidance on how to make the necessary changes to this bios file in order for my Ethernet LAN to work again. My motherboard has 2 bios chips, bios files is dump from each bios chip using programmer, one bios chip contains only ME firmware and the other contains the rest. @Sweet_Kitten

c24h4-am (1).zip (4.87 MB)

c24h4-am2 (2).zip (4.51 MB)

Is that what HE said? Why can I see OROMs in your BIOS for both the I219 and the I211?


Yes, thats what the seller said, I also noticed both the orom is available in the bios, but somehow it just wouldn’t recognise mine as I211, windows device manager only recognise it as I219, maybe there’s something in the bios setup file preset it as I219 or I211? The seller particularly asked me to check my Intel Ethernet chipset on board so he could dump me the right bios, but unfortunately he doesn’t has the exact same Intel I211 motherboard in stock anymore so he gave me the I219 bios.