[Request / Help] Hidden Options for Acer Aspire E5-553-1786

Hello there!

A good fella recommended me this forum to seek for some desperate help regarding the BIOS of this laptop.

Long story short: I used to have BIOS version 1.19, which gives good performance with the processor this laptop has (A12-9700P), A forced update from Windows flashed BIOS 1.31, but now I suffer lag in some stuff.

I’ve tried downgrading my BIOS, supposedly following a method to get the ZABA.fd and placing it along the flash utility. It downgrades, but causes 2 problems:
- TPM Module gives error 10 instead of just going away from device manager, I’ve tried clearing and disabling TPM prior to downgrade, no avail.
- I can’t set to sleep the system anymore (just freezes and needs to be restarted)

So I had to return to 1.31…

Now, the thing is, I feel there is something that is making the processor not reaching turbo boost speeds (3.40 supposedly), for most of tasks I’m stuck on 2.88 - 2.99 Ghz, only games and certain windows services are able to max out this processor. I’m suspecting there is some throttling happening (that didn’t happen in older BIOS) that prevents the processor using more power if needed.

Here I’m hopping I can get either one of these solutions, if you will:
- Either a way to effectively return back to version 1.19, without the mentioned issues.
- Or, a way to restore power throttling or any of those P-States of this processor so I can get it’s old performance back.
or finally:
- Enabling all the hidden options regarding power settings, processor stuff, virtualization and hopefully, throttling configurations and / or turbo boost, and maybe even options for allocating more memory to VRAM…

As an extra note, I’ve found a forum thread in BIOS-mods forums, in where they discovered a way to enable virtualization mode in this laptop (it is disabled without any toggle possible in BIOS by default) using the H2OUVE tool. I’ve used that, but I’m not able to translate anything to know where to tinker for configuring processor power states. Or anything advanced whatsoever… I just know how to enable Virtualization because they explained where to modify values, I’m a complete noob in this regard.

Who can help me with this? Again, in case it’s missed, I’m on BIOS 1.31

I attach the BIOS files assuming you need them for anything. (I can’t post links by now it seems)

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me… I will really appreciate it, I’m really sad with this situation and you are my only hope.

Thank you so much in advance again.

BIOS_Acer_1.19_A_A.zip (5.26 MB)

BIOS_Acer_1.31_A_A.zip (5.41 MB)