[REQUEST] Help unlocking the bios of my 2021 Blade Advanced 11900H OLED 3080 16 GB

Hey guys I need some help unlocking the full bios options on my 2021 Blade Advanced and I have read online that this is now possible without the use of a hardware flasher. So far the only thing I have done on my laptop is disable cfg lock, fprr, overclocking lock, and lastly bios lock. I did those tasks with RU.EFI.

I read that you can mod the bios after disabling bios lock. I have never flashed a custom bios before so I am scared. I have only done hex edits before so I can use Throttlestop. I read a previous post on Win-Raid forum about how genius239 was able to help out another member named Coleh. I was wondering if he could also help me out. I think I am not allowed to attach files on Winraid posts yet so I have not attached my bios backup file for you guys to check out.