[Request/Help] USB Audio Class 2 support pre Win10 1703?

In Windows 10 1703, usb audio class 2 support was added to windows. As said here USB Audio 2.0 drivers - Windows drivers | Microsoft Learn

Before that, drivers pop up supporting usb audio class 2 in windows 7 and 8 such as

Or even paid professional options like

But I want to use devices that have class 2, but do not have any driver released for specific Windows 7 or 8. For example, we have Apple USB-C to 3.5mm dongle DAC. It is supported on Windows 10 using usbaudio2.sys, which does not exist in older Windows versions. Is it possible for us to port Windows 10’s generic class 2 driver to Windows 8.1, or even Windows 7?

I found the driver “usbaudio2.inf” and “usbaudio2.sys” (attached) (windows 8.1 identifies it as compatible) in my Win11 insider build that I main, but I get a code 39 when installing it on Windows Server 2012 R2. I assume this is cause of the inf pointing to some other .sys and .inf files that are missing. I do not have any technical knowledge how to add the missing files so I’m hoping maybe someone could look through the inf files and stuff and help find a solution?
usbaudio2.zip (156.7 KB)