[REQUEST] Hi I\'m actually asking to find a tool/software. Not to mod a motherboard. afugan.efi

Ok, so I was used to mod my motherboard (ASUS B350-F) with no problem following this guide: https://www.overclock.net/threads/ryzen-…rectly.1640394/
I lost the archive with the flashing tools and the links in the post are dead. I found afuefi.efi directly from the AMI site I just need afugan.efi.

It wasn’t afudos or similar tools meant to be run from a bootable dos usb stick! It was “afugan.efi” file (see the attached image I got from the link above) run directly from the efi shell launched by the motherboard bios.

Solved I just found out that the tool I was using is nothing else that afuefi <= 3.06.01