[REQUEST]Hide overclocking options in BIOS, make BIOS more stable.

Tried to do it myself but unfortunately I get memory errors when trying to edit the BIOS with AMIBCP. Options I would like to be hidden BCLK, MEM, CPU overclocking options, in all of the sub menus also.
I attached some pictures that show the places where to oc options are located, not all of them are shown there are some more in the program. I have a MSI h110m motherboard.
Thanks in advance.

bios.rar (4.89 MB)




@KristjanValm - Why not just not let yourself adjust those options?? I need to see only the settings shown in BIOS pages you want hidden, I mean, show me images of your BIOS while in your BIOS, and edit those images with paint or something and circle which settings exactly you want hidden from you.
What do you mean you get "memory errors when trying to edit with AMIBCP"?

In your images it looks like you are trying to make visible, not hide?? Anyway, show me in BIOS what you want hidden. Also, please link me to the BIOS download page for your board and tell me what BIOS version you are using.

Sorry for bothering unfortunately I bricked the mobo

@KristjanValm - Sorry to hear it! You used AFU /GAN didn’t you

Order CH341A + SOIC8 test clip cable and you can fix, price is less than $7 total shipped on ebay