[Request] How to delete the GOP and Disable UEFI suport for Video card

Hello everyone, I encountered a strange problem

I have five video card: GT210, GT440, GT520, GT710, K600

Video card BIOS supports UEFI: GT710, K600 [see picture below]
Video card BIOS does not support UEFI: GT210, GT440, GT520

On my computer motherboard, using the GT210, GT440, GT520, works ok, but using K600 GT710, stop at Computer motherboard brand LOGO, can not enter the windows system

I think that my motherboard does not compatible, for support UEFI Video card

Is there a way to modify the graphics card BIOS, delete the GOP, disable UEFI? I have read the following post, but did not find a solution,
AMD and Nvidia GOP update (No requests, DIY)

The following links is my video card BIOS files and screenshots, very welcome any suggestions, thanks in advance, sorry, my English is very bad



@ttkx :
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There is no reason to delete the GOPDriver module from the BIOS or to disable the UEFI support of your system completely.
As long as you haven’t set the Compatibility Support Module (CSM) of the BIOS to DISABLED, you should be able to boot into the OS no matter which video card has been inserted.

To find it out, you should let us know the manufacturer and model of your in-use mainboard.
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you for reminding me, my computer is a Lenovo ThinkServer RD530

I tried a lot of graphics, If the graphics card does not support UEFI, the good work

Is it possible, that it simply doesn’t like PCI-e 3.0 cards ?

Here is the download link for GT610 graphics card old ROM

I find the old version of the ROM on the graphics card manufacturer’s website, it does not support UEFI, but I use it, works OK

About K600, I did not find the old version of the ROM on the graphics card manufacturer’s website

I think
Delete GOP, is the best solution

I think no,

If Video card BIOS does not support UEFI, I can use it, works ok!


Do you know how to delete a file GOP support File from Vbios?

I think that since the GOP can add files, it should be deleted

Thanks in advance

I have some bad English

Thank you for your reply. My motherboard is very strange,

delete the GOPDriver module !so it can be started to the system. Otherwise, the black screen will be displayed

Someone can tell me how to delete the GOPDriver module? Thank you very much.

Guys i think i need same thing
In UEFI i am getting stuck at black screen
This is happening after every update

How to disabled UEFI only for graphics card or any other solution?