[Request] How to Edit a LENOVO BIOS?

A favor if you help me to edit a .BIN, for another copy from another machine because the problem is that this computer changed an option and it did not give an image again. I have already installed several .BINs and nothing works, so I need to edit the .BIN with the name backa is the original of the machine. The card is Edit bios of DCA LA-E88EP Rev: 1A

AIO520-22IKU DCA30 LA-E822P REV1A UC3 W25Q64BV OK.rar (4.9 MB)

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@javier71 Welcome to the Win-RAD Forum!
Your attached BIOS files can be opened (showing all included modules) by any UEFI BIOS Modding tool (e.g. the UEFITool according to >this< Guide).
If you really want to change the hex code of the BIOS (very risky!), you will have to use an Hex Editor like the tool HxD.

What does that mean? A BIOS has to be flashed, not installed. If you want to flash a modded BIOS, you should read the first post of >this< thread.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)