[Request] How to flash a modded BIOS into an HP Z220 mainboard

Flash procedure of a modded bios file generated from original HP latest bios .bin file with insertion of Nvme module, as per Fernando’s guide, ends/fails with an error (see picture in attach)

error mesage.jpg

I 've been trying to flash by means of native setup utility of bios with modded file on usb pendrive.
Once launched and confirmed the Rom flash procedure, immediatly the error message appears.

Any possible help and hints on how can I flash modded file in HP z220 mob rom and finally get boot form Pcie Nvme module?
Is it possible to have any flash method w/o using a programmer?

EDIT by Fernando: Thread title shortened and specified

@HPz220c216 :
Since the procedure to get a modded BIOS successfully flashed into a specific mainboard doesn’t depend on the sort of the BIOS modification, I have shortened your chosen thread title.
Good luck!

i have a couple of these boards so i am following along. i found this:

from this thread: [i-cant-post-links]t6663f47-UPDATE-MICROCODE-FOR-I-ES-CONFIDENTIAL-1.html#msg127624