[Request] How to get Win7 installed onto a Crucial P1 NVMe SSD?

I have another mb Asus P8P67 PRO V3.0 which has been successfully mod to include NVME module and work well with a fresh
windows 10 installation according to your instructions. Thanks a lot again.
I am now try to do it with windows 7 installation. The NVME SSD I used is the Crucial P1 500G which have no NVME driver can be found on her web site, so I have replaced the boot.wim and setup.exe files with them on windows 10 iso according the Intel doc section 3.1 which have been attached for your inspection. I then start windows 7 installation with that USB flash drive running at UEFI mode but do not work. Error message show up says windows loader detect HW OR SW change and asks me to check up.
Would you suggest me what can I do in this state. Thanks
Maxim 謝謝您!

Intel_6_Series_PCIeNVMe_InstallGuide.PDF (423 KB)

@maximtam :
Since your problem has nothing to do with the topic “BIOS Modding”, I have moved your post into the better matching Sub-Forum named “Specific: NVMe Drivers”.
AFAIK it is better to integrate the MS NVMe Hotfix for Win7 into the Win7 Image (boot.wim and install.wim) by using a tool like NTLite.

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for your reply. I have already added the MS Hotfix on the intall.wim file of Win7. I find that when I use this mod file together with the replacement of Windows 10’s setup.exe and boot.wim, the installation will shop with error message shown. Just when I copy back the orginal Win7 files, the installation can be goon until I cannot provide the related device’s NVMe driver.
Would you suggest my next step to go? Thanks

You should insert it into the Win7 boot.wim as well.

Hi Fernando,
Thanks for your reply.
There are two index inside the boot.wim file, 1. windows PE
2. windows setup
For which index should I integrate the hotfix files?
Thank you very much,謝謝您。

The “Windows Setup” is the correct place. The “Windows PE” image is required for the creation of a “Live System”.