[Request] How to Install XP x64 in UEFI mode w/o changing Bios to CSM

Hello Modders! I’d like to deploy Windows XP X64 edition under UEFI firmware so I want to make a Windows installer that can be booted in uefi and install XP in uefi without changing to csm or legacy bios,here is what I want to add


-Standard sata ahci controller (storach.sys,storachi.inf,storport.sys and storpor8.sys from windows 8 I think)

-EFI files from windows server codename longhorn

-(FORGOT) The vbe drivers are also important


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I have found a method I think:

There is one issue is that I think is that the image that is created can be only deployed via WDS or WAIK or BDD2008 but I don’t think you can put the wim in a windows vista installer

what I want in this is to install windows xp via unattended setup

Use XP2ESD for WIM installer

Yes, use VMware - read this my post: How to deploy WinXP 64-bit on a UEFI (without CSM) in AHCI

You used a t420 laptop (or for that era) that has a hybrid uefi form. Even in uefi only mode it uses some functions in legacy. Have you tried in a true uefi mode that new motherboards have?

Sorry I haven’t been active for a while but I think that the deployment method that you have geilp is only for deploying to systems and not the method to install windows xp via vista installer, also I don’t have debian linux so can I use acronis true image to deploy?

I switch to legacy but there is a problem



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