[Request] How to use 4 NVME drives raid 5 as OS

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AFAIU, this is not possible on T7910 without something like Broadcom MegaRAID 9560. And you would have to use some sticky tape to fix your NVME drives somewhere.
NVME Firmware-RAID is available since Skylake or so (there are many compatibility considerations) - this is called “Intel VROC”.
T7910 got older chipset&CPU.
I’d also say that NVME RAID doesn’t make much sense for OS drive, in terms of performance&reliability.
And your question is hardly related to this topic.

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Since I neither ever had a Dell PC nor tried to create an Intel RAID5 array consisting of NVMe SSDs, I cannot help you, but I agree with i3v: The benefit of such RAID array may bot be worth the effort to get it properly created and working.
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