[REQUEST] HP 250 G1 (InsydeH20)

Hello, friends.

Information about the platform: HP 250 G1, HM70 chipset, SPI on 2 flashes (4096kB+1024kB).
In the attachment SPI dump from FPT and SPI info.

The first thing that confused me was MCExtractor with warnings about microcode #8. Details below:

Warning: Microcode #8 has non-empty Reserved fields, please report it!
Warning: Microcode #8 has Header CPUID discrepancy, please report it!
Warning: Microcode #8 is crossing over to the next microcode(s), please report it!
Warning: Microcode #8 is corrupted, please report it!

My further analysis leads to the fact that the MC 306A9 of interest to me is located in the firmware in a truncated form. The MC block starting at 3F00C has a length of 2440 instead of the original 2C00 corresponding to this version of the MC.

I ask for a lot of help for the correct update of this firmware on the subject of: microcodes, ME, EFI and RAW GOP VBT, Network EFI and everything that can be brought to a better look.

Thanks in advance for your help.

250G1F45.zip (3.25 MB)