[REQUEST] HP 250 G5 Unlock Menu

Hello, this is my first post on this forum.
I updated my HP bios since it was missing a bunch of microcode updates, but little did I know that HP decided to disable the advance menu for security reason. So now the advance menu I used to have access with all the fancy settings is now locked.

Backup of my BIOS has been made using FPTW and a CH341A Programmer. UEFI Tools reads both backups but are different size. The BIOS might be possibly RSA signed; if that is the case, how much of a risk is it from not recovering from a brick, even with a programmer and backups?

BIOS Brand: Insyde
BIOS Version: F.49 Rev. A Latest Stock BIOS Link
BIOS Installed: 81EC, Version F.49 Rev. A ( Verified Using H20EZE )
Board Model: 81EB

I would like to please have the advance menu and anything else unlocked, probably overclocking stuff .

After some more digging in the bios, I can safely say that my bios is RSA signed, and there is no way I can mod it without potentially bricking it. So no need to look at this post.

is there a workaround for RSA mods?

@dado1213 From what I’ve read all over the web, it’s really a hit or miss with RSA signed BIOS mods. Even though I have a CH341A programmer to flash with, it won’t be 100% working with modified BIOS’.