[Request]HP 255 G8 Laptop Notebook (4K7Z5EA) unlock BIOS / custom TDP settings?

I recently an [HP 255 G8 Ryzen 5500U Notebook]HP 255 G8 Notebook-PC (347S4AV) Software- und Treiber-Downloads | HP® Kundensupport) and it is missing alot of BIOS settings.
I’m looking for increasing the TDP limits of the APU Ryzen 5500U especially. I’ve absolutely no idea how to do that and if it’s even possible. I just found this forum and saw here are some people who are willing to help out random internet people, wich is amazing. Neither I have any idea what kind of magic you guys are doing, but I just wanted to kindly ask if anyone can help me out with that? It would be awesome

BIOS Version F.27

check for an imon slope setting in ifr.

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Does imon apply to ryzens as well? I doubt it coz I cant just find that string in my bios, HP-15s-gr0009au (Ryzen 3500u)

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