[REQUEST] HP Beats Special Edition 15-p030nr

Hello guys, I don’t know if it possible but is there a way I can get the ACHI option instead of IDE on this computer. Here are some computer specs and link to the bios on HP. If you need a bios dump I can’t seem to find the chip but would like some help to find and try to do a dump.
Original Bios link:
Motherboard ---------------------------------------------------------------
Computer Brand Name: Hewlett-Packard HP Beats 15 Notebook PC
Motherboard Model: Hewlett-Packard 22A8
Motherboard Chipset: AMD Hudson-2/3/4
Motherboard Slots: 3xPCI Express x1
PCI Express Version Supported: v2.0
USB Version Supported: v3.0
BIOS Manufacturer: American Megatrends Inc.
BIOS Date: Apr 30, 2018
BIOS Version: F.46
AMD AGESA Version: RichlandPI V1.1.0.7
UEFI BIOS: Capable
Super-IO/LPC Chip: Unknown
BIOS ----------------------------------------------------------------------
BIOS Vendor: American Megatrends Inc.
BIOS Version: F.46

@Evilhikaru - This BIOS exe contains 3 BIOS images for various models, and HP is a major pain to edit. Best for you to dump BIOS with programmer, then we can test if you can edit or not.
Please show me image of the board if you can’t see BIOS, I will try to find and circle it for you

I found the bios chip, working on dumping the BIOS I am going to also attach a schematic I found for the laptop for anyone else

Edit: I have two dumps from two different programmers one from AsProgrammer and one from CH341A


HP Pavilion 15-P Quanta Y23 Y23A VINE AMD Richland DIS UMA (14 15.6 17.3) REV 1A.pdf (1.01 MB)

@Evilhikaru - What is the BIOS chip ID, look at the chip, not what software tells you. And what version software did you use and what ID?

Can you see Advanced and Chipset in BIOS? Please show me one image of the BIOS for now, that shows me all sections you can see across top

@Lost_N_BIOS - The chip Id is 25B32BSIG, I used AsProgrammer ver. 1.4.1 with chip ID GD25Q32B; for CH341A Programmer I used GD25Q32.

I cannot see Advance or Chipset in the BIOS. As of writing this I cannot get a picture and will update when I can, But the options only shown are Main, Security, System Configuration, and Exit.

I have tried to use AMIBCP V4.55 to attempt to edit and set Advance to Access/Use User from Default, but what seems to happen is it will flash fine but as soon as I start the laptop, It does a quick integrity check of the BIOS and goes right into a BIOS recovery and resets everything.

I have the same PC as you and I’ve been searching for an unlocked BIOS, I need to edit some settings to use my eGPU on my laptop. Did you find one yet?