[Request] HP EliteDesk 800 ME Mismatch issue

Hi modders,

I got an HP EliteDesk 800 with a haswell processor for cheap which i would like to pimp with an nvme drive and a custom BGRT logo if possible. :slight_smile: I de-soldered the bios chip, as I was having problems using any of the known flashing tools and modded the BIOS with UBU from there.
When I resoldered the chip, I got an annoying message about a corrupted splash image and an Intel ME version mismatch (cfr attachment).

Unfortunately I can’t read HEX and I’m stuck now. Any ideas? I’ve included the original BIOS (read from CH341A), the modded BIOS and the cheesy replacement splash image I would like in the following folder:

Can someone show me the way please? :slight_smile:


Gonna bump this, as it’s still relevant. :slight_smile: If anyone can help, would be great!