[REQUEST] HP Envy x360 15-ey0000 BIOS F.07 Advanced Settings Unlock Request

Hi All,

Trying to get an unlocked version of the BIOS that came with my HP Envy x360 (2022 model). I found a picture of what the Advanced tab should look like from someone who managed to do it (see attached) but I have been unsuccessful trying to unlock it on my own. I can see all the other tabs listed in the screenshot. Can anyone please help?

Thats great… so you saw “somewhere” a “guy” who bypassed known HP issues like security and RSA from an HP 2022 machine to flash a mod… you really appreciate if you can share it with us, since there are very few reports from bioses 2016/7 up…that were mod/flashed.
Anyway good luck with that and you should follow that lead…

EDIT: Damm boy… tought that was something new to us…that is a known key combination on some bioses…its not a mod/unblocked biose, some laptops on older bios versions have it, then with future updates loose it, some vice-versa, you cant add this “hidden” feature. Anyway good luck on your endeavor, cheers.

Here ya go: TIP: Advanced BIOS Options - HP Support Community - 7755104

@Fernando is this something you may be able to help with? I saw your posts in the Insyde Tool thread and you might be my only hope (queue Obi Wan Kenobi cut scene). :slightly_smiling_face:

I am sorry, but I cannot help you.