[REQUEST] HP G6-2260ew Unlock All Advanced Settings

Manufacturer and Model: HP G6-2260ew (core i5 with intel HD4000 + amd 7600M)
Motherboard: Quanta DA0R33MB6F0 rev.F
Bios Revision: F.25
Bios Type: Insyde h2O
Bios Link (original): http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp63501-64000/sp63746.exe
Bios Link with Screenshoots (spi programmer backup): http://rghost.net/6HQlpbRdh

I need to unlock all extra hidden options (especialy graphics, disk controller and ocassionally remove whitelist).
All of methods have failed, even EFI Shell.

This laptop is very unique - accept only win8 x64. When legacy is enabled i get black screen without backlight and it back to life only by reseting cmos battery.
Laptop has problems with switching graphics. I replaced the GPU chip with a new one but nothing has changed.

The priority for me is to unlock all combinations of graphics settings.

If the modification work I will be happy to give you donation :slight_smile:

The first screenshot shows the version of the F.26 because I am in the course of experiments, but by default I’m working on a version F.25, and this is attached a copy.