[Request] HP Omen 15-dh1000 Intel iGPU not present, no GPU Switcher on BIOS

Hello! Currently new to this forum and i’m happy to be here!

Is there a way to enable the iGPU on the laptop? It might be supported but it’s disabled by default hence there’s no iGPU drivers installed. Funny thing is that the support driver downloads for the laptop has Intel GPU Driver available for download, yet when I tried to install it it keeps getting an error that the it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.
My purpose is to use the iGPU only on battery while I’m working, so I can get more hours of juice to my battery life.
I didn’t see any Grpahics switcher or similar on the BIOS Settings, hopefully a modded one will show it.

If there’s anything I need to provide, I’ll be gladly providing them.

Currently the info I have is the Motherboard Model is: HP8746 and its an AMI motherboard.


generally you sohuld be able to update the intel bioses; I know that the amd ones are a lot more locked down.

Sorry about the thread necro.