Request - HP Pavilion DV6 BIOS key change

Hi, I have a HP Pavilion DV6-6165tx and recently the keyboard has been giving me some trouble. I need to enter BIOS so that I can change the virtualization settings but since the f10 key is no longer functional, I can neither enter BIOS nor save changes even if I get into it somehow. Can someone please modify the BIOS such that I can enter the BIOS via the f12 or the delete key and save the changes with the same key? If needed, I can help but I will need some time to learn as I am new to BIOS modding. Also I am not aware whether it has the virtualization option by default. If not can the BIOS be modded such that it shows the virtualization option along with the changed BIOS key?

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Hi friend, i don’t know what we can do for you , may be it’s possible to change value into NVRAM about virtualization settings , just using EFI shell or RU shell,
but we have to check the keys used byt that tool as if they involve the F10 , it result impossible to realize it or , but it is very difficult the editing suggested
on other forum ……82240#pid182240

look into this file EFI IFR and try to find the variable you are interested to and i will explain how to do ……tx_IFR.rar/file

let me know

P.S. i know your bios is sp55068 F.1B rev.a etc.

Hi, thank your for replying. I wasn’t able to understand what you said about the NVRAM and virtualization setting. I will look into the EFI shell and RU shell and see where that leads. I had asked this on another forum but due to no reply, I had to come here. I will check the file and inform the value once I find it. Till now, I have tried extracting the BIOS and opening it with the HxD editor but I am very new to this so the gibberish ANSI freaked me out. I will try to do this myself because not many people are willing to go through this trouble.

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PS- I have now checked the BIOS file and I am confused in the form sets. Where would the BIOS be: in System Configuration or Advanced or in either of the Main? Also the Exit Saving Changes is located in the first Form Set of Internal Forms Representation, not quite sure what is the variable and what do I need to change there.

Hi, again. Please delete the thread on this forum and the other forum also. The laptop had to be handed over for service and it’s keyboard will be fixed now.

Thanks and regards.