[REQUEST] HP Pavilion dv6t-3100 CTO Entertainment Notebook - BIOS on External Monitor


My Laptop screen is partially broken (dead pixels) and I am not able to access the BIOS screen on my External monitor is there any way to get it to be displayed on an external monitor via VGA or HDMI.
What I have tried and didn’t work:
- Disconnect the laptop screen and then connect an external monitor.
- Pressing Fn+F4 to change screen (Only works after fully booted OS).
- Closing Lid.

Can there be any option to change the Boot display in BIOS?
Also, there is no option for UEFI so if that can also be enabled (Not necessary).

Thanks in Advance.
My Current Bios Version - F.29
The link to BIOS and bios file is attached.

Resource.zip (4.68 MB)