[Request] HP prodesk 600 G2 bios mod for coffee Lake CPUs

I have a HP prodesk 600 G2 which im trying to bios mod for cfl cpus but im having issues ,
coffeetime v0.92 does not show cpu uCodes and throws up this error “Could not Rebuild Fit Table” and version 0.85 just crashes on startup.
I did some searching but couldn’t find a fix myself ,i tried these:
UBU throws up this error “Unknown platform BIOS”
UEFItool NE alpha can find the FIT table but I didn’t understand how can I fix the issue (on overclockers.ru someone mentioned that fit table pointers needs to be fixed but I couldn’t get my head around to do that.)

here is a dump of bios flash chip:

the bios chip is : MXIC MX25L12873F

right now i want to test an i5-8400 with this system and ant to also maintain skylake kabylake support if possible.


ProDesk 600 G2 Small Form Factor PC 02.51 Rev.A (Nov 6, 2020)
ProDesk 600 G2 Microtower PC 02.51 Rev.A (Nov 6, 2020)
ProDesk 600 G2 Desktop Mini PC 02.52 Rev.A (Jan 8, 2021)
and which Cpu exactly?

Updating management engine firmware also recommended,
Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools

As rule of thumb,keep your OS,apps,bios and drivers updated

my system is a hp prodesk 600 g2 sff sorry for not clarifying.
right no im trying to add support for an i5-8400 that i have on hand (chip is sr3qt so 906EA uCode) but even more ucodes would be good but from what i understood taking a look in the bios there is not much space .
if i could have something like a base modded bios so i can manually swap ucodes that would be the best.