[Request] HP Victus 16-e0000 BIOS Unlock


I want to change (or unlock) hidden bios options on my laptop. I tried to change iGPU UMA setting to change dedicated VRAM size using this guide.

I searched "UMA " on UEFITool, Found “AMD CBS” (CbsSetupDxeRN) module, extracted it with IFRExtractor and found this (hidden?) menu.

GFX Configuration

     iGPU Configuration | VarStore: AmdSetup, VarOffset: 0xC1, Size: 0x1
          Auto: 0xF (default)
          iGPU Disabled: 0x0
          UMA_SPECIFIED: 0x1
          UMA_AUTO: 0x2
          UMA_GAME_OPTIMIZED: 0x3

     UMA Frame buffer Size | VarStore: AmdSetup, VarOffset: 0xC4, Size: 0x4
          Auto: 0xFFFFFFFF (default)
          64M: 0x40
          128M: 0x80
          256M: 0x100
          384M: 0x180
          512M: 0x200
          80M: 0x50
          96M: 0x60
          768M: 0x300
          1G: 0x400
          2G: 0x800
          3G: 0xC00
          4G: 0x1000
          8G: 0x2000
          16G: 0x4000

     GPU Host Translation Cache | VarStore: AmdSetup, VarOffset: 0x13D, Size: 0x1
          Disabled: 0x0
          Enabled: 0x1
          Auto: 0xF (default)

I booted to grub-mod-setup_var and wrote:

setup_var_cv AmdSetup 0xC4 0x4 0x40
setup_var_cv AmdSetup 0xC1 0x1 0x1

and rebooted. iGPU still shows 512MB VRAM.

Thinking my changes does not persist, I rebooted back to grub, and checked the values are still present, which they do.

Maybe the GUID warning is an issue? I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m stuck. How can I unlock or change the hidden BIOS options?

BIOS File:
088EB.zip (7.8 MB)